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Beetle Blasphemy On Unicorn Media

Unicorn Media Logo Unicorn Media has accepted my film to display on their site. Basically I get a certain percentage of the ad revenue from users that view the film. So if any of you have time, go to Unicorn Media and search for Beetle Blasphemy. Here's hoping for some revenue.
Beetle Blasphemy 8th Place at Twin Rivers

Twin Rivers Media Festival LaurelsSo apparently this festival has already taken place since I was informed that I won 8th place in the Animation category there. Why do they go all the way up to 8th place you ask? I figure either they received a massive amount of films and they couldn't with all honesty only pick three for the placings or, and this is much more likely, they want everyone to feel good about themselves and there were only 8 animated films. I'd like to think the former but the latter is more probable. Anywho, I got these funky laurels to show off so that's cool.
Beetle Blasphemy Accepted Into the Twin Rivers Media Festival

Twin Rivers Media Festival LaurelsI have recently received word that Beetle Blasphemy has been accepted into the Twin Rivers Media Festival held this May in Ashville, North Carolina. I'm not sure exactly what date or time it will screen but there will be updates at http://www.twinriversmediafestival.com. I will post details when I get them. For now enjoy the laurels.