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Loopy Locators

What it does: This is a python script that converts edge selections and various component selections into locator or joint chains. You simply select your edge loops (or broken edge selections and in the Loopy Locator UI set your settings and click Create Locators or Joints. If you want to create a joint chain you must specify the general direction the chain should run (-x, +x, -y, +y, -z, +z) so that the script can order the edge loop selections properly when making the joint chain. To use the script simply run it in the Python script editor and then you can just type loopyGUI() to launch the interface. There's also an option to create a curve down the chain. I'm thinking of adding in some splineIK options soon. Feedback is always welcome..

Click here to download script.
Edgy Curves

What it does: This python script creates NURBS curves from various component selections on a polygon object. You can have any combination of components selected to make the curves. You also have the ability to specify the degree of the curve and the ratio of the vertex/CV creation. Additionaly, you can make any of these curves a wire deformer for the mesh. There is now a GUI for this script so after sourcing it, simply type edgyGUI() into the Python script editor and execute.

Click here to download script.

What it does: This script adds non destructive jitter onto animation curves based on the parameters set for the jitter. You can take the jitter off at any time to return to the original animation curve. There are many options available for the jitter including one mode that tries to simulate stop motion animation. I've recently updated this script to non-beta (crosses fingers).

Click here to download script.